09 May 2019

Augmented Reality Training for PAUD teachers

By: Erni Martini, S. Sos., M.M.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019, Faculty of Economics and business lecturers, Telkom University of Management Studies has held activities of community dedication with interactive learning theme with Augemented Reality for PAUD teachers in Cibiru district. This activity is held as a form of the manifestation of followers College lecturer at Telkom University.

The event was attended by 38 teachers from the Himpunan Guru Paud Cileunyi Subdistrict, Cibiru District is an activity initiated from Needs of training teachers and the deepening of ICT, especially in Using Microsoft Office software to support their daily performance. In addition, the use of ICT needs to assist in learning activities The teaching also becomes inevitable again in the midst of the need and Current technology. Community service activities that are packaged into The training was enthusiastically welcomed by the participants and they hoped that Similar activities can be done back in the future with advanced materials of ICT Literacy.