08 May 2019

Training on financial report generation RT/RW and mosque

FEB Tel-U – last Wednesday, precisely on May 1, 2019 was carried out the activities of public devotion titled “Training of Financial statements of RT/RW and Masjid” which took place in RW 11 of Cigending village, Ujung Berung, Bandung. The training was attended by the chairman of RW 11 with its ranks, the treasurer of RT and the local DKM mosque.

This activity is a form of cooperation between Telkom University and village Cigending Ujung Berung in order to improve public understanding of the process of making financial statements. On this occasion, lecturers who guide the training include Ibu Dr. Farida Point Kristanti and Mr. AMA Suyanto, DBA. Which is a lecturer in the economics and business faculty of Telkom University.