24 Jun 2019

Account identification and grouping account for crop farmers in Kertawangi village

On Saturday, June 15, 2019 was held by public service by the Faculty of Economics and business lecturer of Telkom University, consisting of Willy Sri Yuliandhari (accounting), Puspita Wulansari and Ardan Gani. The implementation of community devotion is done as one of the embodiment of college followers activities. The target society is a participant is a flower farmer from Kertawangi Cisarua village, Lembang. The target society is chosen because they still do business without logging income and cash withdrawal. They each month do not make a profit or loss from the results of their efforts, when there are already some people who do online sales.

On the basis of this, we are interested in providing exposure regarding account identification and account grouping for farmers of flower crop in the village. This exposure is intended so that the farmers can know the types of accounts that are related to the business transactions of the cut interest, ranging from the purchase of seedlings as raw materials, until the sale of interest in the harvest. The 31 participants were enthusiastic and wanted to learn more about accounting. They stated that it was very interested in studying accounting so that they could find out if their business was profitable or lost.