01 Nov 2019

Digital Marketing Training for Traditional Market Products in Sakola Pasar Community

On Wednesday, October 31, 2019 at the Cihapit market, training was held. Digital Marketing training for traditional market products in the Sakola Pasar community is followed by 20 (twenty) participants who are traders in Cihapit market.  The participants are the products such as vegetables, meat, tofu, Tempe, and other daily necessities.

On that occasion the training is divided into 3 (three) sessions, namely: 1. Marketing in general delivered by Dr. Maya Ariyanti’s mother, 2. Digital marketing delivered by Dra. Indrawati, Ph. D and 3. Impact of Digital Marketing delivered by Ibu Dinda Zuliestiana, SE., MM

Traditional markets are now beginning to be abandoned, many people are more fond of shopping in the modern market or they choose to buy food so online. The Cihapit market, which is strategically located in the middle of the city, has decreased visitors. Whereas Cihapit market is a market pilot that has been designed in contemporary design in the year 2017 ago. But the behavior of today’s society has been spoiled with facilities, so many of the people of Bandung who prefer to transact online.

It is necessary to introduction to digital marketing for traders. They are very enthusiastic to trade online, although they have limitations especially in the use of gadgets. Working together between Sakola Pasar and PD Cihapit market, and the education conducted by the team from FEB Telkom University, is expected to make traders can do brick and Click Store to increase revenue and service to the Customers in particular and Bandung community in general. (Maya Ariyanti)