15 Oct 2019

The improvement of creative product quality development at a social rehabilitation hall for the sensory disabilities of the Netra Wyata Guna Bandung

The establishment of Bandung as a friendly city is indicated by the construction of special facilities in various public places in Bandung. It is one of the attention of the Government of Bandung for its residents without exception. But the support of the facility needs to be equipped with psychological support to people with disabilities if they also have the same opportunity with the residents of other Bandung to remain able to strive so that there is the establishment of a A social rehabilitation Hall of the sensory disability of Netra Wyata Guna Bandung. With the existence of this Hall, supporting the program of public devotion that we will organize, given the public devotion that we will be held is a continuation of the previous community devotion about the workshop tie dye that provides a motiasi Entrepreneur to the persons at the Sensorik Netra Wyata Guna Bandung disabled social Rehabilitation Hall. This advanced community service, more engaged in the extension of the quality of the creative products that they have made before by providing training making packaging for products that have been previously made to be more attractive and Creative. So they can continue to develop other creative product products and have a collection of quality and powerful creative products. (Ratih Hendayani).