16 Apr 2020

100 Days Donation Program for Indonesia

The Faculty of Economics and Business of Telkom University organizes a series of short online training activities titled 100 donation Program today for Indonesia. This short online training is a speaker of FEB Tel-U academicians by providing topics of popular management. The purpose of this activity is in addition to sharing knowledge in audiences, also to help communities affected by the Covid-19 because the admission fee will be donated entirely to meet the needs of people in need.

Here is the schedule of Short Online Training Activities-Donate to 100 days for Indonesia by the Faculty of Economics and business Telkom University:

Date Time Topic Presenters
17-APR-2020 09.30-10.30 Fintech in Indonesia: Available directions and competencies Dr. Palti Marulitua Sitorus
17-APR-2020 13.30-14.30 Behavioral Operations and Innovations Abdullah, S. Pd., M.M.
24-APR-2020 09.30-10.30 Scenario Planning for Dummies Dodie Tricahyono, Ph.D
24-APR-2020 13.30-14.30 Introduction and introduction to project management, operationalization and scientific approaches IR. Soeparwoto Dharmoputra, M.BT
8-May-2020 09.30-10.30 High-scale enterprise management strategy in the Corona Era IR. AMA Suyanto, M.B.A., D.B. A
8-May-2020 13.30-14.30 Strategic Management Dr. Rina Pasaribu
2020-05-12 09.30-10.30 Corporate Social Responsibility Dr. Astrie Krisnawati
12-May-2020 13.30-14.30 Managing New Generation Dr. Ratri Wahyuningtyas
14-May-2020 09.30-10.30 Social Innovation Siska Noviaristanti, Ph.D
14-May-2020 13.30-14.30 Global Human Resource Management Kiki Sudiana, S.T., M. M
2-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Overview Regulation of ICT in Indonesia (Case Study e-Goverment) Dr. Helni Mutiarsih Jumhur
2-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Business Plan Risris Rismayani, S. MB., S. Pd., MM
4-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Finance for non Finance Dr. Hendratno
4-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Organizational Culture Dr. Dian Indiyati
8-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Analytics Data in the tourism sector Herry Irawan, ST., MT., MM
8-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Introduction to Blockchain Dr. Andry Alamsyah
11-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Creating a good research Proposal Indrawati, Ph. D
11-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Identification of errors in research Indrawati, Ph. D
15-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Tax socialization for SMES Kurnia, S. AB., MM
15-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Business Hypotheses Formulation for Startup Dr. Astri Ghina
18-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Digital Marketing Dr. Maya Ariyanti
18-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Intelectual Capital for the company Willy Sri Yuliandhari, SE., Ak., MM
22-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Halal Supply Chain, Green Supply Chain and E-SCM Concept On Sustainable Supply Chain Rmu Hendayani, Ph.D
22-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Social Media for Business Dinda Amanda Zuliestiana, SE., MM
24-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Governance on Contigency condition Dr. Majidah
24-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Change Management Dr. Nidya Dudija
26-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Managing Portfolio Product Risris Rismayani, S. MB., S. Pd., MM
26-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Simple bookkeeping for Start Up and SMES Dr. Wiwin Aminah
29-Jun-2020 09.30-10.30 Data processing with Smart PLS 3 Indrawati, Ph. D
29-Jun-2020 13.30-14.30 Social Media Marketing Dr. Maria Sugiat


  1. Fill out the registration form online at https://bit.ly/donasi100hari-feb at 12.00, one day before the scheduled execution.
  2. Admission fee Rp. 50,000 transferred to Account 168-0010-0062-1534 (BRI A.N. Jayaningrat Sari Rahmawati).
  3. This Short online training using the Zoom application, meeting ID and password will be informed to each participant at the same 15 minutes before the scheduled execution.

Participant Facilities:

  1. Training materials in the form of soft-Files
  2. E-Certificate

For further information please contact the contact person listed on the poster.