25 Nov 2021

ISCLO 2021 “New Strategies for Organization After New Normal”

ISCLO 2021 Plenary Session

ISCLO activities have become a routine activity carried out by School of Economic and Business Telkom University since 2013. The purpose of this activity is to become one of the main networks in sharing knowledge as well as a means of promotion of organizational learning. This conference encourages experts and scholars around the world to share the results of their research and practice through presentations. An important focus of this conference is to exchange ideas, views through the promotion of learning, as well as to build networks. This conference encourages academics and practitioners to submit their best research and then present the research. In addition to achieving the goal of sharing experiences from theoretical development and application, research presentations focus on research studies or practical case studies on related topics. At this year’s event, the 9th ISCLO will be held virtually considering the ongoing pandemic conditions. This year’s ISCLO carries the theme “New Strategies for Organization After New Normal.”

The Covid-19 pandemic that has lasted for 2 years has encouraged all sectors of the organization to have new strategies to deal with the new normal. Technological challenges, changes in new habits within organizations, jobs and organizations that must continue to evolve require adjustment during a pandemic. In addition, in order to survive, organizations need to continue to learn and have strategies to deal with changes in the new normal era. The transfer of knowledge about strategy during the new normal period will certainly have an impact on organizational performance and innovation in order to maintain the existence of the organization.

ISCLO 2021 presents Prof. Dr. Siti Nabiha A. K. as Keynote Speaker. She is a researcher from Universiti Sains Malaysia. In his presentation Prof. Nabiha conveyed 3 dimensions in the organization’s strategy, including the creative use of technology – identifying relevant data, paving the way for innovation by collaborating and creating solutions together with stakeholders, relying on trust, security and responsibility, and a sustainable agenda to create a competitive advantage .

The event for the 9th year of the Faculty of Economics and Business also presented three invited speakers, namely Dr. Riza Agung N.R., S.T., M.M. (VP Digital Business Strategy and Governance, PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk.), Dwi Puja A., S.T., M.T. (VP Digital Enhancement & Technology, PT. Pertamina Sub Holding Commercial & Trading), and Ir. Dodie Tricahyono, M.M., Ph.D. (Lecturer at Telkom University, Indonesia). The three represent experts in their respective fields, namely telecommunications, energy, and education, guided by moderator Siska Noviaristanti, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D.