03 Dec 2021

Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing Training in Majalaya Market

Online Training

Both the modern market and the traditional market, both provide a variety of products. However, there are differences between traditional markets and modern markets that need to be considered. With the presence of the modern market, the traditional market which is a representative place in developing the people’s economy, is being threatened. This is inseparable from problems such as a shabby and dirty market atmosphere, limited market layout, limited market operating hours, untidy packaging methods, human resource capabilities, etc. In addition, in the face of the rapid growth of modern markets, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing, traders still lack knowledge about the concept of a clean and healthy market. So that training is needed that can help traders and market managers to be able to improve their abilities

Therefore, Telkom University in collaboration with ASPARINDO (Indonesian Market Management Association) again held Community Service activities at the Majalaya traditional market online using the Zoom platform to foster and provide training for local market traders and managers. This Community Service Event was held online on August 12, 2021 as part of the adaptation of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 21 of 2020 concerning Large-Scale Social Restrictions in the Context of Accelerating the Handling of COVID-19. The use of online media as a meeting facility was the first activity carried out as a form of adaptation to the PSBB policy, and so far the use of online media has provided a new experience for participants to maximize work routines. Overall, both traders and market managers received this event very well and enthusiastically, and felt the benefits of this event immensely. The traders and managers seemed to give a positive response during the training and asked various questions regarding the training materials. The team consists of Ir Candiwan, MM and Tri Djatmiko, MBA, chaired by Mediany Kriseka Putri, S. KG., MBA

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For further activities, if possible in terms of time and opportunity, this program will be continued, by first conducting several surveys and observations to see the potential for further development. This event is also targeted to continue to be carried out by targeting other traditional markets in Bandung, as a form of Telkom University dedication to serve the community.