Planning Cultural Arts Performances with Design Thinking Method

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of tourist visits, including to the Lebakmuncang Tourism Village, Bandung Regency. However, the existence of a pandemic provides an opportunity as well as forcing tourism village managers and stakeholders to be able to contemplate and plan for better management of tourist villages. One way that can be done is to ensure that innovative services are offered according to the needs and desires of tourists. Therefore, one approach that can be used is Design Thinking. Improving the business model is also one of the crucial things that can be done by tourism village managers to remain relevant to post-Covid-19 economic conditions. Therefore, this community service activity which is carried out in collaboration with lecturers and students of FEB Telkom University seeks to help design the management of art and cultural performances in Lebakmuncang Tourism Village with a Design Thinking approach while building the competence of Tourism Village managers by holding training. The results of this activity will be directed into the form of scientific publications by a team of lecturers led by Jurry Hatammimi, SE., MM., PhD with lecturer members Arien Arianti Gunawan, B.A., M.S.M., Mphil and students Andini Pujasari, Tassa Putri Avero, and Riezka Sekartaji Nabiela .