06 Dec 2019

Entrepreneurship Training & Digital Marketing for traders and managers of Cihapit traditional market

The traditional market that becomes a representative place in developing the economy of the market, becomes threatened with its existence, especially with the presence of modern markets. This is not the case with problems such as a slum and dirty market atmosphere, limited market layout, limited market operating hours, less neat packaging, HR capability, etc. In addition because it is still a lack of knowledge of traders about the necessary healthy clean market concept of training that can help traders to be able to organise and sort out garbage in the weathery around.

This is the reason for Universitas Telkom to cooperate with ASPARINDO (Indonesian Market Management Association) to re-organise community service activities in traditional markets, namely Cihapit market to build and provide Training for local market traders. This community service event was held on 12 November 2019. This event aims to provide entrepreneurship and digital marketing training for the maintainers and traders of Cihapit market. Overall, both traders and market managers received this event very well and enthusiastically, and felt a great benefit from this event. Traders look at asking various questions and giving positive response during the training.

This event is also targeted to be continued by targeting other traditional markets in Bandung, as one form of dedication of the University of Telkom to do devotion to the community. Further plan activities, if possible in terms of time and opportunity will continue the program, by first conducting several surveys and observations to see the potential for further development.