12 Jan 2022

SEB Tel-U in Collaboration with Tokocrypto builds “Pojok Kripto”

Blockchain technology is currently experiencing rapid development. Blockchain itself is an open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a permanently verifiable manner. Blockchain is a technology that utilizes computing to create interconnected blocks that store transaction records, not only the development of bitcoin, ethereum, or other crypto assets but also used for other fields related to technology and digitization.

As a higher education institution that cares about improving learning and socializing the Commodity Futures Market, Crypto Assets and blockchain technology, the Faculty of Economics and Business at Telkom University welcomes the initiation of collaboration with Tokocrypto in the form of the development of Pojok Kripto (Crypto Corner) at the Faculty of Economics and Business at Telkom University. This collaboration aims solely to promote Crypto Assets and scientific activities together in the context of developing blockchain technology in Indonesia, within the scope of universities, especially within the Telkom University Faculty of Economics and Business.

The two parties, each represented by Dr. Ratri Wahyuningtyas, S.T., M.M. as the Dean of FEB Telkom University and Teguh Kurniawan Rahmanda as the Chief Operating Officer of Tokocrypto agreed on this cooperation agreement in the Cooperation Agreement Signing event which was held on January 10, 2022 at the Meeting Room of the Dean of FEB Manterawu Building, 2nd floor of Telkom University. The Pojok Kripto that was built will later become a forum for education and research for FEB Telkom University students and lecturers to study blockchain and its application.

Through this collaboration, it is hoped that it will foster public interest in blockchain technology and crypto assets. In addition, both parties hope that this collaboration will provide opportunities for academic staff and FEB Telkom University students to conduct research, both in the context of completing final assignments and other assignments, assisting and providing facilities for FEB Telkom University students to educate others regarding technology. blockchain and Crypto Assets with the community in them through the Scholars Store, helping to design teaching curricula as a long-term plan, as well as opening internship opportunities for FEB Telkom University students in Tokocrypto.