28 Jul 2021

Process Groups and Knowledge Areas in Feasibility Study

In line with the development and demands of the times on the quality and quality of education, various laws have been issued by the government to improve the quality of education services in Indonesia. Improving the quality of education services is carried out by setting 8 (eight) educational standards that are considered capable of improving the quality of education services. One of the educational institutions in Indonesia is Telkom School. Educational institutions during this pandemic situation have their own challenges. Where the world of education provides more space for teachers to be more creative in using technology. In addition to challenges, this can also be an opportunity for teachers to become more technologically proficient and improve their skills by participating in trainings that will help students become competent in facing era 5.0. The most important skill in the 21st century is self-directed learning or independent learning as an outcome of education.

The pandemic condition indirectly forces all services, including education, to be conducted online. Not only teaching but support service functions also need to be adjusted so that they can provide optimal service in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction as well. Therefore, Telkom School Academic Support Personnel (TPA) need to adjust to be able to deliver customer service excellence even in a pandemic condition.

The implementation of this community service is expected to provide a new understanding for TPA and teachers at Telkom Schools about the importance of the concept of implementing Process Groups and Knowledge Areas, especially related to the Feasibilty Study of Project Management. With this increase in understanding in the field of project management, it is hoped that teachers at Telkom Schools can increase innovation and improvement in the teaching and learning process so that this change can have a positive impact and encourage significant improvements in forming a more innovative education system within the Telkom Schools environment. future. The Project Management Training on the Application of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas in the Feasibility Study for Telkom Schools Teachers was held on Monday, June 14, 2021 at 08.00-11.00 WIB, which was attended by approximately 50 participants from all over Indonesia. This activity was opened by the moderator who also serves as the chief executive of Khairani Ratnasari Siregar, S.Si, M.T, then continued by the speaker, Mr. Ir. Soeparwoto, MM. The participants who take part in this activity will get facilities in the form of e-Certificate, Credit, and Materials.

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