03 Jun 2020

Increasing the economical value of coffee products through the Barista Workshop training, coffee Brewing and Roasting at Eka Harapan Farmer Group

Coffee is an export commodity that has an important role for Indonesia because it can contribute substantial foreign exchange to the country's economy. Bandung Regency is one of the areas in the province of West Java that has the potential to be large enough to do coffee development efforts. Coffee Marlem is a coffee production business that stood since the year 2014. Marlem Coffee is a coffee produced from the farmer group Eka Harapan which is located in the village Suntenjaya, Lembang, Bandung. This activity aims to help find the right business development strategy to apply to the business of coffee Marlem, this is because there are still problems in terms of marketing, economic value, selling value, coffee making (brewing), and others. This activity was implemented before the policy of physical distancing and PSBB where Bandung is still a green area. The results of this activity concluded that there are several strategies that can be used to do the development of coffee such as improving the skills of farmers, improving the quality of products, and increasing the economical value of coffee products.

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