15 Jul 2020

Benefits of Financial Management

Community service in the village of Cihanjuang district Parongpong West Bandung District chaired by Willy Sri Yuliandhari, SE., MM., Ak and Puspita Wulansari, SP., M.M. and Deannes Isynuwhardhana, S.E., MM., Ph.D. As a member executed online on 28 May 2020. This online community service was implemented to comply with the Covid-19 health protocol, but the participants remained enthusiastic in the material exposure provided by the lecturers.

The purpose of this community devotion is to provide explanation about the simple income statement, so that the farmers in Cihanjuang village can know and can group the accounts related to their efforts. The results of this training is expected farmers Village Cihanjuang will be a superior farmer where not only able to cultivate cut flowers well, but also able to do good administration related to its business.

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