10 Jul 2020

11th SCBTII 2020


Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology, Information and Innovation
SCBTII 2020: “Synergizing Management, Technology and Innovation in Generating Sustainable and Competitive Business Growth”
Data retrieved from the World Bank show that the pace of global economic growth in 2019 weakened to 3.6% from 3% in 2018. In 2020, economic growth in a number of developed countries is projected to slow down even more as trade wars continue to expand with the decline of globalization, and the increase of digitalization and financial risk.

To deal with the global economic slowdown, the government introduced a policy of economic transformation in order to solve various challenges in the economy; this will lead to sustainable, competitive and quality growth.
To support the transformation of Indonesia’s economy, support from various business sectors is needed. The business sector must have the ability to create sustainable competitive advantage. Companies must strive to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by synergizing management capabilities, mastery of technology and innovation strategies in order to adapt to external trends and events.
Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Information and Innovation (SCBTII) 2020 is an international conference that brings together academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, learners, and other related groups from around the world who have special interest in theories, practices as well as practises in the field of digital economy for global competitiveness. This conference provides opportunities for both the presenters and participants to exchange new ideas and experiences, establish research relations, and find global partners for future collaboration in order to effectively respond to social and technological development challenges.


  • Chief of Human Capital Officer, Telkom Indonesia.

    Dr. Edi Witjara, CMA.

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  • Strategic Development Expert, Tokopedia

    Erwin Dwi Saputra

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  • Senior Lecturer II, Taylor's University Malaysia

    Dr. Muhammad Haseeb

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  • Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Telkom University

    Dr. Dadan Rahadian, S.T., M.M.

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