25 Nov 2021

DigiMarket for Resto and Local Product in Kertawangi Village

‎Community service held on October 1, 2021 took place at PKBM Bina Terampil Mandiri Desa Kertawangi District Cisarua West Bandung Regency chaired by Puspita Wulansari, SP., M.M., Ph.D and Willy Sri Yuliandhari, SE., MM., Ak., Ph.D as a member. Masayarakat service this time targeting restaurant entrepreneurs and local products in the Kertawangi Village area is carried out online.‎

‎The purpose of this community service is to provide an explanation of Digital Marketing for Restaurants and Local Products in Kertawangi Village as a Tourist Village, where the target community is expected to use digital marketing to be able to compete in the digital era.‎