Undergraduate Study Program (S1) Telecommunication and Informatics Business Management (MBTI) Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University has always been committed to achieve educational services in connection with the vision of the mission.

MBTI is one of the best study programs in Telkom University with many achievements. Always looking for creativity and innovation in the development of organizations, human resources and curriculum to meet the needs of industry and stakeholders.

The study program has always developed progressively and in collaboration with other public and private universities in Indonesia and abroad, industry and government, both in the field of teaching, research and community service. Mbti program is also very committed in the form of professional undergraduate characters. To achieve that, the curriculum has referred to KKNI (National Competency Standard Framework) and always conducts regular reviews to update with the dynamics of the business world. The study program is also supported by a comprehensive faculty in their field with a minimum Master’s degree.

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Bandung Technoplex – Miossu Building 2nd Floor
Jl. Telekomunikasi Ters. Buah Batu, Dayeuhkolot, Bandung – West Java Indonesia
+62 22 756 4108 ext. 5608
[email protected]